Belize Mountain Pine Ridge Jungle LodgeBelize Mountain Pine Ridge Jungle LodgeBelize Mountain Pine Ridge Jungle Lodge
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Big Rock Falls in Cayo If you´re in search of a jungle resort with the best access to Belize's most remarkable Maya ruin, the mighty city of Caracol, and all the other natural wonders of the mystical Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the Pine Ridge Lodge is the resort for you.

The Pine Ridge Lodge opens the door to the entire Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Whether your interest is Maya Ruins, bird watching, waterfalls, caving, entomology, biology, or botany, we cater to you to maximize your Belize experience.

birding in belize Birder watchers marvel at the amazing avifauna diversity found around the lodge, within the Mountain Pine Ridge, and throughout the jungles surrounding Caracol. For orchid lovers, the lodge has accumulated an impressive collection of orchids gardens that boggles the imagination. Botanists from around the world have come and studied our incredible flowers. Or, if you simply want to indulge in the natural surroundings, slip away in the jungle and find a nice shady spot for a private dip under a waterfall. We can lead you to these hidden treasures of the pine ridge forest.

The Pine Ridge Lodge caters to the independent traveler—the more independent, the better. The diverse backgrounds and stories that independent travelers bring to our dinner table add to the richness of the ambience. Our cuisine is prepared to add to our guests feeling of comfort and happiness.All meals are served family-style and include the freshest locally, and if possible organically, grown fruits and vegetables—all lovingly prepared.

mountain pine ridge jungle lodge After a hearty meal, slip away into your own private cottage that has been tastefully built to harmonize with our natural surroundings and afford our guests with the best views possible for observing the life around them in the forest.

Pine Ridge Lodge is your stepping off point to experience the riches of Belize's Mountain Pine Ridge.

The perfect natural vacation awaits you!

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